Insurance Management Software (2022 Guide)

January 14, 2022

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Insurance management software automates customer service and office management activities for insurance agencies. Many insurance agency software solutions include task management systems and cloud storage facilities, enabling team members to centralize key administrative tasks without having to navigate between multiple platforms. It’s a no-brainer for all agencies.

Insurance agents are wasting far too much time on tedious and repetitive tasks that could easily be automated. All you must do is implement the right insurance management software. As more solutions enter the market, insurance agencies are spoilt for choice with a full range of workflow automation solutions to choose from. To optimize around growth, this is a crucial investment.

Insurance Management Software (Top Pick For 2022)

StartingPoint is insurance management software for insurance agencies of all sizes. This is a scalable solution to streamline workflow management and drive productivity. If your insurance agents are feeling weighed down by administrative tasks, StartingPoint can help to automate many aspects of your workflow and enable team members to focus on pivotal tasks.

While saving insurance agents a significant amount of time, StartingPoint can also improve customer experiences with onboarding and project management features. To increase customer satisfaction and retention, you should leverage StartingPoint’s customer onboarding and project management features. These can be used to dramatically accelerate the customer journey.

Insurance agencies can add all team members to the StartingPoint platform. With everyone in a centralized location, team members can focus on providing exceptional customer support using the helpdesk and service management features. StartingPoint plays a vital role in helping many agencies deliver incredible customer experiences through the power of workflow automation.

What software do insurance companies use?

Insurance companies are using many different software packages to connect their workflows - and this is part of the problem. When team members are having to navigate between multiple different platforms, this can create workflow inefficiencies and impact team productivity. It’s better to use a single platform that meets a range of needs to centralize your operation.

Moving between different software solutions to complete an administrative task is immensely frustrating. This is why our developers have built a range of features that enable team members to complete administrative tasks in one centralized location. You can assign your customers to the right service team members in StartingPoint, streamlining customer experiences.

Insurance management software can remove inefficiencies from your operation with the power of workflow automation. StartingPoint can be customized and deployed in just under an hour, allowing your team to hit the ground running by automating administrative tasks. You can automate the assignment of tasks to the right team members for quick responses.

If you’re exploring several software solutions to address your needs as an organization, we would recommend using an all-in-one solution like StartingPoint. This can be leveraged by all departments in insurance agencies to streamline workflows and boost productivity. It’s better to find a single solution with multiple features than several different disjointed software solutions.

What is an insurance management system?

An insurance management system enables agencies to bring order to their operations. These platforms can contain many different features that are designed to remove inefficiencies from your workflows and speed up customer experiences. Advanced insurance management systems, such as StartingPoint, include workflow automation features to accelerate productivity.

When your insurance agents have access to an insurance management system, they will be able to communicate with customers and complete key administrative tasks in one centralized location. This prevents team members from having to navigate through multiple platforms just to complete simple tasks. Agents can share and store files using cloud storage on the system.

StartingPoint can become a core component of your agency’s operation. If you’ve been looking for an insurance management system that uses workflow automation to drive efficiency, you should consider taking StartingPoint for a test drive. Our software solution offers much more than a traditional insurance management system - with extensive automation capabilities.

How much does an insurance agency management system cost?

Investing in the right tools to power your insurance agency doesn’t have to break the bank. While many insurance agency management systems come with hefty fees, this isn’t the case with all solutions on the market. When you use StartingPoint, you are accessing an insurance agency management system that is both highly sophisticated and affordable.

When you purchase an insurance agency management system, you are investing in the future of your business. A solution like StartingPoint has the potential to accelerate the growth of your agency by optimizing existing workflows. When you remove inefficiencies from your workflows, you can unlock higher levels of workforce productivity and deliver more with less.

Before making any commitments, we offer insurance agencies the opportunity to take our solution for a test drive. StartingPoint can be customized and deployed in just under an hour, enabling insurance agencies to quickly unlock value from our platform. With a clear onboarding process, you will be able to hit the ground running and experience the benefits of our platform.

What software do independent insurance agents use?

While independent insurance agents are using numerous software packages to complete tasks, few are leveraging workflow automation to make complicated processes easier to manage. Automated workflows can enable insurance agents to focus on customer-facing tasks that require interpersonal skills. Their time shouldn’t be spent on tasks that can be easily automated.

As more independent insurance agents begin to embrace workflow automation, failing to take advantage of workflow automation software will leave you at a disadvantage. If you’re serious about unlocking the growth potential of your business by elevating customer experiences, you should be using a workflow automation solution like StartingPoint.

There has never been a better time for insurance agencies and independent insurance agents to adopt workflow automation solutions. With no actions taking more than 5 clicks, StartingPoint is perfect for non-technical business leaders and teams that want to automate administrative tasks with ease and provide customers with a centralized location for all communication.

Are you ready to use StartingPoint for your organization? Sign up for a free account here.