Consulting Project Management Software (Guide)

October 11, 2021

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Consulting project management software can transform your consultancy business. If you’re serious about scaling a consulting service that successfully meets the needs of clients, you should be actively leveraging consulting project management software like StartingPoint. Workflow automation has the potential to dramatically improve client experiences.

To ensure client satisfaction and retention, you should be actively investing in tools and solutions that improve client experiences. When clients do not feel as though their needs are being met, this can lead to churn. The key to any consulting service business is low client churn. Project management software will help to improve client experiences with workflow automation.

Due to the widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the consulting sector is estimated to have suffered a significant revenue loss across all markets and segments. In the US, consulting revenue decreased by approximately 12.5%. As consultants get back on their feet, it’s never been more important for these service businesses to leverage automation.

If you’re running a consulting business, it’s highly likely that you’re heavily dependent on individual professionals to provide their skills and expertise to clients. When this is the case, there’s little time in the day for administrative tasks that are both repetitive and tedious. Consultants should be able to pour their efforts into providing clients with value.

Automating key aspects of your workflow is critical to ensuring consultants spend enough time on client-facing work. The talent of your consultants is best put to use with client-facing work. You should be removing them from as many administrative processes as possible. This will help to streamline your workflow and keep your talent focused on the tasks that matter.

consulting management software

Why do you need consulting project management software?

Without consulting project management software, your service business is running at a serious disadvantage. If you want to provide exceptional and unparalleled client service, you must seek out and leverage automation solutions that can improve operational efficiency and accelerate your growth potential. This is why workflow automation software is vital to your operation.

When you have a disconnected workflow, this can result in a range of operational inefficiencies. To successfully run a consulting service, you must have systems in place to safeguard the time of your consultants. They should be spending their time on providing the clients with as much value as possible, rather than getting bogged down with administrative tasks.

StartingPoint can enable consulting services to streamline communication with their clients by using this platform as a centralized hub for all activities. You can securely allow clients to upload and store files onto the StartingPoint platform. These files can then be shared with your team to ensure a seamless experience. StartingPoint brings all client activities under one roof.

You can add team members to the platform as individual users. Inside the platform, they can interact with clients and construct workflow automations to make sure their needs are met. With a centralized hub for client activities, you can quickly streamline your workflow. StartingPoint can be fully customized to include the branding of your consulting organization.

If you want to remove inefficiencies from your workflow and leverage automation, you should consider taking StartingPoint for a test drive. This solution has the potential to rapidly enhance productivity across your consulting organization. To get more done in less time, you need to start thinking about the automation of tedious and repetitive tasks in your workflow.

How can consultants use project management software?

Consultants can use project management software to streamline communication with clients. This can help to ensure high levels of client satisfaction. Consistent communication is critical to client relationships. StartingPoint’s project management software solution can bring consultants and clients together with a centralized hub for communication and service delivery.

When a client needs to share a document with you, they can upload this file to a dedicated client support portal on StartingPoint. This will make the file visible to the relevant team members that are equipped to address the client’s needs. StartingPoint can be the missing piece of the puzzle for consulting businesses that are struggling to deliver incredible client experiences.

The platforms you use for service delivery can make or break client experiences. Every aspect of your workflow must be geared around providing clients with exceptional experiences. If you’re not using platforms that can help you to meet this objective, you should rethink your workflow. We believe there is a place for automation in every service delivery workflow.

What software solutions do consultants use?

Many consulting service businesses utilize a range of applications to power their operations. While these can each play a critical role in service delivery, the use of multiple applications can often lead to a disconnected workflow. The more applications you’re using, the more likely you are to run into inefficiencies. StartingPoint can centralize your workflow with a single platform.

What is the most popular project management software?

StartingPoint is a highly-regarded SaaS workflow management and client operations platform. This can be leveraged by consultancy firms of all sizes to simplify customer onboarding, project management, service management, and team management. Fortunately, it’s remarkably easy to integrate StartingPoint into your existing workflow - with no actions taking more than 5 clicks.

Our platform can be used by all team members. We have simplified key actions in StartingPoint for non-technical business leaders. This consulting project management software has been designed for use across organizations. Regardless of technical ability, your team can hit the ground running with StartingPoint and focus on improving client experiences.

Are you ready to take StartingPoint for a test drive? Request a 14-day free trial today.