successful implementations for your customers

Manage your customer’s satisfaction through workflow, visibility, and responsiveness for all engagements

Lead your customer implementations, engagements, and communication in one solution

Empower your Company and Customers through Software

Your company and team are challenged daily to support citizens, complete tasks, secure information, and grow your business. Utilize StartingPoint to help you modernize your company to exponentially grow.

Solve your Customer and Client Challenges Securely

Your citizens need their questions and inquiries answered efficiently. If this does not happen, they will possibly look for other providers. Implement StartingPoint to help you service your citizens and provide amazing service.

Drive your Company and Team Performance

Managing a business and a team can be increasingly difficult. Assigning goals and tasks to measure and track performance is important for growth. StartingPoint enables business leaders to drive their team to success through team visibility and performance management.

On-board your customers in a standard process with checklists, tasks, and dates

Improve your engagement success and customer satisfaction through a successful on-boarding process. Use templates, checklists, tasks, and due dates to your advantage.

Provide transparency into your customers projects, service requests, and progress

Utilize one solution to stay aware of your customers engagements and allow your customers to view all statuses and reach you at any time.

Utilize a software solution that carries your brand and adds to the efficiency for your firm

o  Your customers can use your branded customer portal for all communication, updates, files, and information to work with your firm.


is a SaaS customer operations and experience platform for service-based companies, firms, and teams to simplify customer on-boarding, project management, helpdesk and service management, team management, and communication. StartingPoint can be deployed and customized in one hour, no actions take more than 5 clicks, and is simplified for non-technical business leaders and teams.


Have the ability to maintain your logo, brand, and simplify engagement with a single portal for all customers

File storage

Securely allow customers to upload, retain, and file documents to be shared between your customer and your team


Add team members to the platform to be focused on providing amazing support

Workflow Automation

Create efficient workflow within your company to ensure your customer needs are met

Custom FAQs

Develop FAQs that can be retrievable by your customers to provide self-service