StartingPoint was created by consultants and service professionals for consultants and service professionals.

Companies and teams are using multiple disparate applications to run their businesses and firms each day. The average number of applications increases by 25% year over year within businesses leading to more workflow inefficiencies, limited automation, siloed information and data, lack of transparency, and decreased customer satisfaction. was created for companies to do more with less by simplifying business operations and service delivery for firms, companies, and enterprises and to allow for work with as little clicks as possible pleasing customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of every company, firm, and business. Companies require solutions to scale, grow, and to earn and retain customers by doing more with less. Efficient tech is needed with workflow and automation, added with AI, to easily help companies, employees, and customers. StartingPoint allows companies to simplify their tech stack, remove siloes within their firm, and make work easier to help all companies be successful.

We enable small businesses and company leaders to work on their business, not in their business.


Consultants and service-based businesses require technology and tools to help make their lives easier and to create a better experience for their customers. provides market-leading software to help companies delight their customers and clients through improving customer service and support, streamlining workflow to create efficiency, and allowing companies to build, grow, and scale to increase and retain revenue. Our focus is efficiency, simplicity, and an amazing customer experience for our customers. We develop solutions for companies that are appropriate for their business size and the customers they service.


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