How To Scale A Consulting Business (2022 Guide)

July 1, 2022

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Do you know how to scale a consulting business? In this short guide, we are going to break down all you need to know about how to scale a consulting business. If you’re actively exploring ways to take your consulting business to the next level and want to accelerate growth, this is the perfect guide for you. We want to provide practical advice that can be easily implemented.

How To Scale A Consulting Business (Tips For 2022)

To scale a consulting business in 2022, you must:

  • List the administrative and client-facing tasks you complete daily.
  • Sort these tasks into a list from lowest value to highest value
  • Identify which lower-value tasks are non-client-facing.
  • Automate the completion of the lower-value tasks.

Workflow automation is critical to the scalability of your consulting business. If you’re serious about elevating your consulting business to new heights and growing revenue, you should consider embracing automation tools. These tools can turn your business into a scalable operation and enable you to onboard more clients without spreading yourself too thin.

Delegating and utilizing the assistance of automation tools is key to driving growth in your consulting business. When you do this, it allows you to dedicate more time to your high-value tasks - instead of placing them on the backburner. You won’t be caught up completing tedious and repetitive tasks as these will be completed by workflow automation solutions.

Client-facing tasks should be your top priority. If you’re neglecting these tasks, this could result in low client retention. You should aim to automate as many administrative tasks as you can, clearing your schedule and enabling you to pour all your energy into client-facing tasks. To successfully leverage workflow automation, you should utilize a platform like StartingPoint.

Is consulting a profitable business?

Consulting has the potential to be immensely profitable - but this all depends on how you choose to structure the operation. Without implementing efficient workflows, you may find it challenging to scale your consulting business. The systems and processes that enable your operation to function will determine the overall scalability and success of your consulting business.

StartingPoint can transform your consulting business into a scalable operation with plenty of room for growth. This workflow automation solution can be leveraged by consulting firms to remove tedious and repetitive tasks from workflows. This allows consultants to spend more time working on high-impact (and client-facing) tasks that are critical to driving retention.

Once you begin to automate tasks in your workflow, this will create more time for you to pursue new clients - by writing proposals and taking meetings. Many consulting firms underestimate the volume of tasks that could be automated using tools on the market. Rather than adding multiple tools to your stack, we would recommend using an all-in-one solution like StartingPoint.

How do you make a service scalable?

StartingPoint has a pivotal role to play in the scalability of your consulting business. This platform successfully solves disconnected workflow experiences by eliminating the need for consultants to use multiple SaaS solutions to complete administrative tasks. From client onboarding to service management, StartingPoint brings everything under one roof.

If you’re trying to scale your consulting business, StartingPoint could be the missing piece of the puzzle. To ensure client needs are met, you can leverage workflow automation tools inside our platform. You can add team members to the platform to centralize team management and the assigning of projects. Clients can also be added to the platform to streamline project delivery.

How do I get more consulting clients?

Sell consulting services and maintain high client satisfaction. To get more consulting clients, you must focus on providing your existing clients with truly exceptional service. This can be achieved using StartingPoint. Once clients have been added to the platform, this creates a centralized location for project delivery and client communication. Positive client experiences will lead to referrals and organic growth.

While momentum can be helpful, there’s nothing wrong with taking a slow and steady approach to growth. If you grow too quickly, this can affect project management and delivery. It’s better to focus on building the right systems and processes to facilitate continuous growth over a long period of time. This means you can grow without sacrificing service quality and worklife balance.

Can I sell my consulting business?

To build an asset, you must utilize systems that enable you to distance yourself from the daily operations of the business. If you’re still an integral part of the daily operations, it may be difficult for you to package your consulting business as a sellable asset. If you’re building an asset to sell, you must focus on leveraging automation to limit the operation’s dependency on you.

How do I get my first client as a consultant?

Before you land your first client, you should invest in the right systems to provide exceptional client service. Once you land your first client, the goal should be to keep the client for as long as possible. Retention can make or break your consulting business. From the outset, StartingPoint can prepare your consulting business for future growth with repeatable processes and systems.

What do clients look for in a consultant?

Clients are hungry for consultants with structured services. This structure can be created through StartingPoint - offering a centralized location for communication and project delivery. Ultimately, clients want to work with consultants that can dedicate themselves to meeting their specific needs - and this can only be achieved through automating administrative tasks.

If you’re serious about building a scalable consulting business, you must leverage workflow automation solutions like StartingPoint. This platform can be customized and deployed in the space of an hour, enabling you to hit the ground running and quickly reap the benefits of workflow automation. This is a no-brainer for ambitious consultants that want to scale.

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