The Importance of Simplifying the Customer Experience

April 15, 2021

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Happy Customer

Businesses often undermine the significance of delivering superior customer experience — the driving force which influences the decision of over 90% of American consumers. Unless you simplify your customer support mechanism, you may not be able to deliver a superior customer experience.

So, you need to evaluate whether your customers getting exactly what they need. Inferior customer service is often the outcome of complexities arising due to operational challenges — a majority of which arise due to wrong technical choices. Often, businesses invest in an assortment of SaaS tools to simplify the day-to-day activities but end up doing just the opposite.

Studies reveal that companies having less than fifty employees make use of around 40 SaaS applications, while those with over a thousand employees make use of 200 or more SaaS applications. Using this large assortment of tools only deteriorates customer experience, which can be detrimental for your business. With that said, let us figure out how businesses can simplify customer support.

Choose a Versatile Business and Data Analytics Tool

Your business and data analytics software are the nucleus of your business applications and everything else must revolve around it. So, make it a point to pick only those SaaS applications which are compatible with it. This lays the foundation for you to extract data from all channels and use that to make the right decisions.

Eliminate Unwanted Tools

Your business could be using certain obsolete tools that you can do away with. You can identify such unwanted tools by running a quick survey and retaining only ones that are essential. The next step is to find substitutes (with multiple capabilities) for those essential tools.

Let us assume that you make use of multiple tools such as customer support ticket management software, email and chat applications, helpdesk tool, and project management software. In that case, you can substitute all of those with StartingPoint, a one-stop solution for customer operations management that lets you receive, assign, manage, and track customer support tickets.

The ability to do all of this from a single platform makes the entire process convenient for both your employees and your customers as well. While your customers don’t have to remind the support executive about a previous email conversation, your customer support team can also heave a sigh of relief because they can receive and manage tickets from a single dashboard in under five clicks. This can boost employee productivity considerably, besides delivering a superior customer experience. Not to mention the possibilities of profit maximization and cost reduction, which we shall now discuss.


Cut Back on Costs, Maximize Profits

On average, businesses having 100 or fewer employees incur an estimated cost of around $202,000 per year on SaaS products like project management, payroll, technical support, customer support, employee monitoring tool, and several others. You might assume that the only costs incurred are subscription costs, but that cannot be farther from the truth.

Every minute spent by your employees on setting up and learning how to use a SaaS application adds up to your overheads. So, with each tool you strike off your list, you are also eliminating the subscription, training, and other costs associated with it. If you wish to do this the right way, consider seeking professional operational performance management advice from industry experts.

Boost Productivity

The COVID-19 has staggered the global economy, compelling businesses to do more with fewer resources. So, if you are in that tight spot, it's time to get rid of anything that could be hampering employee productivity. In most cases, this happens due to the multiplicity of tools and misallocation of work.

Let’s assume your business extends customer support through Live Chat, e-mail, and phone calls. In that case, your employees and mid-level management would be forced to keep juggling between multiple SaaS applications, which is time-consuming and unproductive. So, using one SaaS solution to manage the various modes of customer communication is definitely going to be more fruitful.

Retain Customers

The cost of acquiring new customers is five times the cost of retaining the ones you already have. So, businesses need to invest time and money into the right resources. You can figure where you are lacking by running surveys and collecting feedback from your customers. For the most part, you should be able to accomplish this feat by delivering exceptional customer support services.

Finally, providing a superior customer experience is only possible through the combination of a helpdesk platform, file storage, e-mail, chat, project management software, and checklist or onboarding application. Most importantly, these platforms must be inter-connected so that the customers and team members do not have to access each one separately. Solving your disconnected customer experience is the key to satisfied customers.