Best Strategies to Boost Your Remote Sales Team Performance
January 9, 2021

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Sales Team Performance

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of remote selling techniques as organizations adapt to the work-from-home environment, such as the “new school” digital buying practices and “digital-first” sales trends. The transition from face-to-face to virtual selling is ongoing but has already increased the adoption of remote sales models.

Many sales reps are also working from home which is a new challenge. Not only are they no longer seeing clients, but they are also no longer seeing their managers and teams directly.

What is Remote Selling?

Remote selling is not a new sales practice but has gained traction due to COVID-19. It’s a type of selling where the seller and the buyer are not in the same physical location during almost the entire sales process. Remote (or virtual) sales involves sales conversations done via digital channels like email, phone call, text, video, virtual event, webinar, and meeting scheduling apps.

5 Ways to Help Your Remote Sales Team Perform Impressively

Managing a remote sales team is not easy, and neither is changing your daily workflow to being at home. Let’s look at five interesting tips to get better at remote selling.

1. Don’t neglect sales performance management

Pay close attention to sales performance management to help your remote sales reps work with visible goals and clearly defined objectives and improve their skills to perform better. Include ongoing training in your sales performance management plan and equip your remote sales reps with effective tools like sales enablement apps. This will help your remote sales team to sell better, faster, and use advanced techniques.

Tracking your remote sales team’s progress and goal achievement is a crucial part of sales performance management. With sophisticated solutions like StartingPoint’s Performance Management, you can easily define and track your remote sales team’s tasks and goals.

Moreover, the platform increases team performance management visibility, which is essential when managing a remote team. You can also set small performance steps to increase the points of success, giving a major boost to your remote sales team’s confidence. You want to make sure you are acknowledging the good work being done.

2. Avoid the bad data bottleneck in sales performance

Don’t let irrelevant and inaccurate data cripple your remote sales performance. Get rid of inactive email addresses and phone numbers and check for data duplication and incomplete data entries in your CRM.

Use data enrichment to keep your sales database up to date and append missing data points. You’ll automatically keep your records and accounts up-to-date. This will help your remote sales reps save several work hours each week, improve outreach efforts, maintain a high call-to-connection ratio, reach the right prospects, and provide better customer service.

Besides, make sure you partner with a data company that complies with data protection and privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA. You also need to check if your data partner maintains high data quality and reverifies their data.

Sales Leadership

3. Automate workflows to increase productivity and efficiency

Workflow automation enables remote sales teams to get closer to their goals and sales heads to lead a seamless remote sales process. Use it to your advantage to ensure everybody on your remote sales team knows what they need to do, create accountability, and allow improved reporting on your sales pipeline.

For instance, StartingPoint’s Workflow Automation software can streamline your remote sales operations by creating efficient workflows and sending the right inquiry to the right rep. You can also set rules and groups to ensure inquiries are assigned to the most appropriate remote sales team member.

This ensures your remote sales reps don’t waste time in figuring out who needs to pick up an inquiry that comes through and start working on it right away. Besides, you can allot inquiries to remote sales reps according to their skills and level of knowledge, making sure each inquiry is effectively resolved.

If you’re challenged with keeping track of the availability status of your remote sales reps, use a workflow automation system that automatically updates their status. For example, your remote sales reps can integrate Slack with Google Calendar to automatically update their status on Slack based on their calendar. This way you and your remote sales team will know if a rep is attending a meeting and when to expect their availability.

Implementing workflow automation in remote sales operations also helps enhance task accuracy, reduce human errors, automate monotonous tasks, increase team coordination, and improve lead nurturing and follow-up.

4. Take the complexity out of your remote prospecting

Prospecting is not only one of the most vital stages of the sales process, but it’s also one of the most challenging parts, especially when you’re selling remotely. You need to equip your remote sales reps with ideas and tools that make their prospecting job easier.

Allow highly targeted prospecting by creating segment-specific videos for your sales pitch, brand introduction, key benefits, demos, testimonials, and sales emails.

Provide your remote sales reps with access to online prospecting tools to quickly find qualified leads, reduce prospecting time, and get the information they need. RevDriver, a free Chrome extension, is a cost-efficient prospecting tool you can use to easily collect 95% accurate, human-verified contact and company data for your target audiences.

5. Use remote sales templates to save time and improve results

Provide your remote sales team with customized templates to streamline their work, allow them more selling time, and keep them on the same page (process standardization). You can create a template for each stage of the remote sales process. However, you don’t need to templatize the entire remote sales process, but select specific stages to use templates for, as per your team size, workflow, and preference.

Remote sales templates can be designed for various tasks such as:

  • Lead qualification
  • Discovery call
  • Demo or presentation
  • Sales follow-up
  • Cost negotiation
  • eSigning contracts or proposals

Remote sales templates help reduce the need for micromanaging your team and create accountability. They also support your team to achieve their targets. PandaDoc’s sales reps saw a nearly 40% increase in new business generated, a 90% increase in replies, and a 10% increase in opens after implementing email templates.

The Wrap

With these strategies added to your remote sales plan, your team will be well-prepared to perform and reach new heights of sales success. Be sure to set realistic goals for your remote sales team and provide them the right resources to help achieve those goals.

Instruct your remote sales reps to adopt a value-based selling approach to build trust in prospects and customers which is of paramount importance in remote selling. Value-based selling requires you to thoroughly know your target audience, put them front and center, and show how your brand adds value to them.

Lastly, maintaining a high morale for your remote sales team can work wonders when you want to take their performance to the next level. Conduct virtual team building activities and build a remote-friendly culture to keep your remote sales reps encouraged, connected, and productive.