Assign goals and tasks to your team for completion

Define and track your team’s tasks and goals to measure completion.

StartingPoint Team Performance and task Management Devices
  • Does your team have a challenge tracking their tasks and goals? Setting challenging and specific goals will result in higher performance. In order to achieve them and be effective there needs to be an order among the team, individuals, and the organization. Additionally, there needs to be a strategy in order to achieve the goal (reality vs expectations are important factors to consider). It is up to the company’s discretion to help their employee’s achieve their goals. Here are some ways to track your team’s tasks and goals. Also to make sure they’re successful in achieving them.
    Do you find that it is difficult for your team to track their tasks and goals? Then you have arrived at the perfect place.
  • StartingPoint’s Performance Management allows you to assign tasks and goals to your team members and your team can track and update the progress on tasks and goals to further the company.


is a SaaS customer operations and experience platform for service-based companies, firms, and teams to simplify customer on-boarding, project management, helpdesk and service management, team management, and communication. StartingPoint can be deployed and customized in one hour, no actions take more than 5 clicks, and is simplified for non-technical business leaders and teams.


Have the ability to maintain your logo, brand, and simplify engagement with a single portal for all customers

File storage

Securely allow customers to upload, retain, and file documents to be shared between your customer and your team


Add team members to the platform to be focused on providing amazing support

Workflow Automation

Create efficient workflow within your company to ensure your customer needs are met

Custom FAQs

Develop FAQs that can be retrievable by your customers to provide self-service