3 Methods To Improve Customer Success For Professional Services

July 8, 2022

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Customer success management is designed to optimize customer engagement and encourage them to unlock value from your professional services. What customer success looks like for your professional services business will depend on customer objectives. Customer success managers must work to ensure that customers are in the best position to hit these objectives.

Customer Success Management (Why Does It Matter?)

If you are failing to give customers the tools and resources they need to succeed, they will simply churn. This is devastating for professional services businesses with a subscription model. Customer retention is the lifeblood of any subscription-based business. Even without a subscription model, high customer turnover is detrimental to service business growth.

Large enterprise organizations invest heavily in building customer success teams. These teams are focused on helping customers achieve their goals through the use of products and services. They will not rest until customers have fully unlocked value from their offerings. In the case of professional services businesses, you can leverage digital technology to drive success.

Success Supports Customer Activation

Once a customer is activated, they can begin to unlock value from your professional services and reap the rewards. This is why customer activation is essential to success. To support customer activation, you must deliver robust customer onboarding programs that give customers all the resources and information they need to access the value proposition.

Actionable Tip: Use cloud storage to create a centralized location for all onboarding resources.

Success Inspires Customer Retention

When customers are successful, they are more likely to renew their contracts and even buy additional services. This is why customer success should be a key focus for any professional services business. By working to ensure that customers are successful, you can create a virtuous circle of growth for your professional services business.

Actionable Tip: Offer a customer portal to establish consistent lines of communication.

Success Encourages Customer Advocacy

Successful customers are also more likely to become advocates for your business. They have a reason to sing your praises and speak highly of your professional services business to others. Customer advocates can also help to create valuable word-of-mouth marketing that will enable you to attract new customers and grow your professional services business further.

Actionable Tip: Leverage workflow automation to continuously improve experiences.

Customer Success Vs Customer Experience

It is important to understand the difference between customer success and customer experience. Customer success is about helping customers achieve their objectives. Customer experience, on the other hand, is about interactions with your brand. If you can get customer success right, exceptional customer experiences should follow. The two are closely linked.

Key Statistic: 86% of buyers will pay more for a product or service if they receive a better customer experience.

Customer Success For Professional Services (3 Methods)

As we mentioned earlier, large enterprise organizations typically build out expansive customer success teams to fuel activation, retention, and advocacy. If you’re running a bootstrapped professional services business, this is perhaps unrealistic. Fortunately, using digital technology solutions, there is plenty you can do to improve customer success without hiring more staff.

Customer success managers should only have a small role to play in helping customers unlock value from your professional services. Building repeatable systems and processes can enable your business to scale value creation. You want customers to easily realize value without any human input. Let’s explore how your professional services business can achieve this.

Increase operational efficiency with workflow automation

There is no shortage of ways for professional services businesses to begin embracing workflow automation. It all comes down to picking the right tools for your business and integrating these into your existing workflows. StartingPoint makes it easy for professional services businesses to quickly integrate workflow automation into their existing processes and drive efficiency.

When you have a smooth operation that works to rapidly address customer needs, this brings customers closer to success and supports exceptional experiences. If your team members are currently overwhelmed with administrative tasks, you can create automated workflows and allow StartingPoint to do the heavy lifting. This is a game-changer for ambitious teams.

Simplify customer experiences with file storage and FAQs

Using an all-encompassing workflow management platform like StartingPoint, you can store essential resources in a single location. From important documentation to essential FAQs, you can provide customers with a centralized location on the cloud that includes everything they need to know about your professional services – and how to unlock tremendous value.

Drive streamlined communication with a customer portal

Rather than navigating between multiple platforms to communicate with customers, you can keep things simple with StartingPoint. As an all-in-one cloud-based platform, StartingPoint is well-equipped to streamline your customer communication. StartingPoint can act as your go-to communication channel. The best bit? You can customize the interface with your branding.

Using StartingPoint To Improve Customer Success

Infinitely scalable, plug-and-play customer experience solution

With no lengthy onboarding process or complex training needed, it’s surprisingly easy to begin leveraging StartingPoint as part of your customer success strategy. With a range of in-built workflow automation tools at your disposal, StartingPoint’s platform is brimming with immense possibilities for your professional services business, regardless of your size or scale.

Centralizing all aspects of your professional services business

StartingPoint enables you to bring all team members and customers together under one roof. The platform is a centralizing force for your business. If your team is tired of moving between multiple applications to complete basic tasks and keep customers happy, StartingPoint will bring an end to this. Are you ready to begin using our workflow management platform?

Simply sign up for free and start using the platform right away!