Workflow Efficiency Through Workflow Management (Full Guide)

May 6, 2021

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Workflow efficiency has never been more important. As the COVID-19 pandemic tightens purse strings across the globe, organizations of all sizes are looking to get more done with less. Workflows are a vital asset to any organization. It has been found that approximately three hours of every eight-hour workday is wasted on irrelevant or personal tasks.

While it may prove impossible to cut down on every time-wasting task or activity, you can certainly take steps to optimize and enhance your workflow procedures. The question is, how can you promote workflow efficiency through workflow management? We are going to take a closer look at how organizations can promote efficiency by identifying areas for improvement.

While taking a step back and objectively reviewing your existing workflow can be challenging for leaders, it will be vital to your growth as an organization. You should recognize the general importance of evaluating your workflow. Is your current workflow effectively meeting the needs of your customers? Are you offering the best possible customer experience?

We will be exploring the following questions:

  • What is workflow efficiency?
  • How can workflow efficiency be improved?
  • Why are workflow processes beneficial?
  • How do you manage workflow effectively?

After reading this guide, if you have any further questions about workflow optimization, please do not hesitate to contact us. At StartingPoint, we have supported dozens of companies across a range of industries in their efforts to improve customer experiences by reevaluating and optimizing workflows. There’s never been a better time to simplify your customer operations.

customer support process example

What is workflow efficiency?

Workflow efficiency is crucial to ensuring your customers have a great experience with your professional services. If you want to build meaningful relationships with your customers, this can only be achieved through building a fully optimized workflow. We believe that simplicity lies at the heart of workflow efficiency. You should focus on building simple experiences.

To the frustration of many, precious time can often be wasted on confusion revolving around task assignments and team management. A general lack of organization can have a negative impact on customer experiences. If you are committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, you need to consider ways to improve your workflow efficiency.

How can workflow efficiency be improved?

Workflow efficiency can be improved in a number of ways. If you are serious about finding ways to improve workflow efficiency, you must objectively review your existing operation. This involves analyzing the existing workflow processes you currently have in place. You can collect feedback from team members to determine how to further optimize these procedures.

Sometimes, staff training can be the key to an effective workflow. This will ensure all team members are doing their jobs correctly and have the necessary skills to further the aims and objectives of the organization as a whole. This should also include optimizing the various training procedures you have in place so staff only receive the training programs they need.

Minimizing unnecessary disruptions is an important part of workflow efficiency. This should include reducing the amount of unnecessary communication that takes place across the many departments of your organization. At the same time, you may wish to consider placing time limits on individual tasks and projects to ensure time is being used efficiently by your team.

Why are workflow processes beneficial?

Workflow processes can make or break an organization’s ability to meet its aims and objectives. Without the right workflow processes, team members may end up spending unnecessary amounts of time working on particular tasks. With every team member working at their own pace, your organization may struggle to progress forward in a meaningful way.

Essentially, workflow processes can build a sense of rhythm in your organization. They have the ability to add structure to the working day and outline clear systematic processes to follow. If every team member in your organization is working at their own pace and following their own processes, this is a recipe for disaster. Everybody must be on the same page.

An effective workflow should be able to achieve the following:

  • Cut out distractions and tasks that don’t add to the overall workflow.
  • Simplify information sharing to ensure decisions can be made faster.
  • Support the continued analysis of workflow elements for further optimization.
business process diagram

How do you manage workflow effectively?

You should find ways to prioritize tasks based on importance. From responding to customer queries to delivering hands-on customer support, you must prioritize tasks based on how they fit into your strategic aims and objectives. For instance, if your business is suffering from a high churn rate, you may choose to prioritize customer support over administrative tasks.

Ultimately, your workflow should reflect the strategic aims and objectives of your business. If your team is spending tremendous amounts of time on trivial tasks, this isn’t going to help you progress towards meeting those goals and objectives. You need to think carefully about your goals as a business and map these around your workflow - so you never lose sight of them.

Finding the right automation tools to enhance your existing workflow is going to be crucial to ensuring everything runs smoothly for the foreseeable future. As organizations across many different industries start to embrace the power of automation, you run the risk of getting left behind if you’re not open to implementing automation tools into your operation.

Have you considered adding automation tools to your workflow process to boost efficiency? Rather than trying to add multiple automation tools, why not find a single tool that ticks all the boxes? With StartingPoint, you can simplify your customer experience and operations. From onboarding to project management, this is a comprehensive solution for organizations.

StartingPoint can help to facilitate streamlined communication between team members and customers inside a portal. All parties are given the ability to upload, retain, and share files. All team members can be added to the platform to ensure you can provide amazing support for your customers. The platform can be customized to align with your current branding.

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