Shared Services Teams For Great Customer Experiences

May 3, 2021

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Have you ever considered integrating shared services teams into your organization’s existing operation? If you are committed to driving efficiency across your organization, there has never been a better time to explore the utilization of shared services teams for improved customer experiences. In this guide, we will break down the potential benefits of shared services teams.

There is an undeniable link between customer satisfaction and organizational structure. Those who can build operations optimized for maximum efficiency are destined to deliver the very best levels of customer service. We believe that shared services teams can play a vital role in the optimization of your organization, helping you to deliver better customer experiences.

We will be exploring the following questions:

  • Are shared services teams effective?
  • What do shared services do?
  • What is a shared services operating model?
  • How do you implement shared services?
  • Why do shared services fail?

After reading this article, if you have any further questions about implementing a shared service operation for improved customer experiences, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. At StartingPoint, we are committed to delivering solutions for organizations that are striving to offer greater levels of customer service.

Shared Services Model

Are shared services teams effective?

Shared services are the provision of a service by a single part of an organization. Previously, the shared service would have been found in multiple parts of an organization. By creating shared services, you are centralizing areas of the workforce, ensuring everyone is working from the same page. The department essentially becomes an internal service provider.

Here are just some of the benefits associated with shared services teams:

  • Reduced and more transparent costs.
  • More efficient workforce resourcing.
  • Higher-quality professional services.
  • Improved career development opportunities.
  • Greater customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Comprehensive solutions to problems.
  • Coherent approaches across the workforce.

Taking a centralized approach to deliver services across the workforce can be incredibly efficient. When you have multiple professionals delivering the same service across various departments, the organization will lack a coherent approach. When you take a centralized approach, it’s much easier to reduce costs and optimize for maximum efficiency.

What do shared services do?

Shared services are designed to deliver professional services across the organization, rather than having individual departments work separately. For instance, when it comes to human resources, shared services can often prove to be effective. Instead of having several people doing the same thing in different departments, it makes sense to take a centralized approach.

It has never been more important to optimize your organization for maximum efficiency. With the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are now in a position where they need to make tough decisions. Optimizing your organization doesn’t have to come at the expense of valuable talent. It’s simply a restructuring process.

Organizations can thrive under shared service models. This isn’t about sacrificing what you’ve had. It’s actually about finding a new way to approach your operations. This will ensure you are able to thrive in the long term and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Now is the time to start prioritizing the needs of your customers and optimize accordingly.

At StartingPoint, we have developed a SaaS customer experience and operations platform for organizations that are determined to deliver exceptional services. Using our platform, you can streamline customer and client communication and make a shared services model work for your organization. All team members can be added to the platform to provide support.

What is a shared services operating model?

A shared services operating model does not have to be implemented across every aspect of your organization. In some cases, it might make sense to take a more localized approach to deliver services for certain departments, rather than sharing the resources across multiple. This will depend on which approach delivers the best service for your customers.

Ultimately, the shared services operating model boils down to leveraging resources across an entire organization to lower costs and provide greater levels of customer support. It is much less about cutting down on expenses and more about ensuring that your organization is in the best position to deliver incredible value to customers. This isn’t a trade-off.

Shared Services

How do you implement shared services?

With the support of StartingPoint, shared services can be implemented into organizations of any shape and size. We can provide you with a scalable platform that will help to facilitate growth. Imagine the possibilities of streamlining customer and client communication. This can have the ability to rapidly transform your organization with a customer-centric operation.

Why do shared services fail?

When shared services fail, this often comes down to poor implementation. With the right systems in place, you can avoid making mistakes. StartingPoint will give you the rocket fuel you need to hit the ground running with a shared services model. Inside the StartingPoint platform, workflow automation can be utilized to fast-track cross-team communication.

As you implement shared services into your organization, we want to set you up for success with our SaaS solution. If you want to simplify your customer experience and take your team’s ability to perform to another level, you need to try StartingPoint. Remarkably, this solution can be customized and deployed in just an hour, with no actions taking more than 5 clicks.

Great customer experiences start with systems designed to deliver results. Many people often underestimate the power of automation and its ability to transform your workflow. With our solution, workflow automation is combined with streamlined communication to enhance and optimize your existing operations.

Are you ready to utilize the right customer service tools for your firm? You should consider using StartingPoint to enhance customer experiences. Request a 14-day free trial today.