How To Leverage Workflow Automation Software

July 9, 2021

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Workflow automation software has the potential to be a complete game-changer for teams that lack efficiency. To drive productivity and squeeze more value from the talent on your team, you must have the right systems in place. With the power of workflow automation software, you can unlock the potential of your team and improve customer experiences.

What is workflow automation software?

Workflow automation software aims to systematize and automate business processes. When elements of a workflow have been automated, a series of tasks are carried out to complete a process, removing all manual steps. Administrative tasks that were carried out by employees are simply completed by automation. Automation software is radically changing workplaces.

By leveraging automation, employees are able to focus on the tasks that matter. While plenty of administrative tasks are vital to the functioning of an organization, undertaking these tasks is not the best use of your team’s time. It’s more efficient for software to automatically carry out these tasks using some straightforward commands.

For many organizations, workflow automation software is the difference between employing dozens and hundreds of team members. While software takes care of various tasks, you can ask your employees to focus on other aspects of the workflow. StartingPoint can automate several aspects of your workflow, including customer onboarding and support.

When it comes to automation, the sky is the limit. Innovation on this front shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, things are only accelerating. It has never been easier to leverage the power of automation in your organization. This is made possible through applications like StartingPoint that are paving the way for more efficient and productive workforces.

Workflow Automation Plan
Workflow Automation Planning

Why should you leverage automation software?

According to a McKinsey report, 45% of paid tasks in today’s economy can be automated through the use of existing technology, such as automation tools. This is the equivalent of $2 trillion in total annual salaries. This is a stunning statistic that shows the untapped potential of automation tools. Workflow automation software is the missing piece of the puzzle.

A study from Unit 4 uncovered that across the globe, office workers spend an average of 69 days a year on administrative tasks, costing companies $5 trillion a year. In the same study, 67% of participants said implementing software-as-a-service solutions would be an important component to remaining competitive as we go forward in this current market.

Contrary to popular belief, multitasking can prove to be counterproductive and is thought to cost organizations 40% of lost productivity. This is largely due to constant task-switching. If all your tasks were neatly positioned inside a single platform, think about the amount of time that could be saved. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing time on administrative tasks.

Small and medium-sized companies are expected to adopt workflow automation on a large scale, generating a market of opportunity of more than $1.6 billion between 2017-2026. The remarkable increase in productivity with automation is tempting for any business. After all, we know there is a clear correlation between high productivity and positive customer experiences.

CEOs spend almost 20% of their time on tasks that could be automated, such as reviewing status reports and analyzing operational data. If you can increase productivity at the very top of an organization, this will eventually trickle down - resulting in a highly efficient workforce, enabling you to make quick decisions and deliver on the needs of customers.

What is the best workflow software?

If you’re committed to improving customer experiences, leveraging automation software is simply a no-brainer. At StartingPoint, our team has developed all-encompassing workflow automation tools to turbocharge your operations. Once you begin to use our solutions, your operations will never be the same again. It can prove to be truly transformational.

The general appetite for automated solutions is only increasing. Business owners are quickly waking up to the potential benefits of an automated workflow. If you’re open to automating chunks of your workflow, you should be using StartingPoint. For many organizations and enterprises, our customer experience-orientated solution can be truly transformational.

StartingPoint has been designed to solve disconnected customer experiences. When you leverage multiple SaaS solutions, this can complicate the customer experience and slow everything down. Stationing your team inside a single platform can reduce the time spent rotating between multiple applications.

How do you create an automated workflow?

To create an automated workflow, you need to have StartingPoint in your corner. This solution will do all the heavy lifting for you. Our software can be extensively customized around your operation to ensure it ticks every box. We work with organizations of all sizes to cater the solution to their needs. It’s never been easier to simplify workflow management.

From customer onboarding and project management to helpdesk support and customer communication, our software has been designed to cover all bases. We don’t do things by halves. To create an impactful solution, we knew it was necessary to offer well-rounded functionality that touches on every aspect of your workflow.

The truth is, the majority of your workflow can - to a degree - be automated. If automation tools have the potential to improve customer satisfaction and drive retention, why would you ignore the possibilities of these solutions? Our workflow automation software could help to remove bottlenecks in your operations and drive growth.

Is workflow automation software expensive?

Workflow management shouldn’t be expensive. This is why we have developed an affordable solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes. We want everyone to reap the rewards of our workflow automation software and benefit from increased customer satisfaction. Nothing makes us happier than to know your customers are having exceptional experiences.

While some workflow automation packages can prove to be rather expensive, you should take the time they’re saving your team into consideration. Once you begin to account for the time and money being saved through automation, the price tag attached to these solutions can start to look more appealing. With the right implementation, automation will always be a net positive.

How quickly can the software be implemented?

Workflow management software can be implemented into your organization remarkably quickly. If you’re ready to embrace the tremendous potential of automation, we are offering organizations a 14-day free trial of our solution. This gives you plenty of time to unlock value from the software and to see whether it can be customized around your needs.

There has never been a better time to start embracing automation - and we are ready to support your efforts to make this possible for your organization. It’s time to stop sitting on the fence and take these solutions for a test drive. By automating just a few aspects of your workflow, you could drastically reduce customer churn and drive retention.

Are you ready to get started? Request a 14-day free trial today.