Education Project Management Software (Guide)

October 22, 2021

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Education project management software can transform learning experiences. Before the use of software, educational teams collaborated in meetings rooms and teacher lounges, and student reports were sent home to parents in crisp brown envelopes. Those days are gone. Times are changing and educators now have a wide range of digital collaboration tools to choose from.

The right education project management software has the potential to create an unlimited number of opportunities for educators and students. As the COVID-19 pandemic caused disruption across the education system, institutions had no choice but to embrace digital technology and work within the confines of these solutions to deliver the curriculum.

Many project management software solutions are being actively used by educational institutions to streamline the curriculum and ensure learning is possible regardless of location. When you have access to the right software solutions, you can collaborate with colleagues to ensure that students are receiving the best possible education - with well-rounded learning experiences.

What is education project management software?

Education project management software includes a range of features and modules wrapped up in one dedicated platform to support educators and students in managing tasks and submitting work. As teachers write and assign specific tasks to groups of students, these students can complete the tasks and submit their work on the platform - centralizing the entire workflow.

Alongside assigning work to students, teachers can communicate with students directly on many of these platforms. This is critical to ensure students receive feedback on their work. When it comes to safeguarding, having all communication and interactions between students and teachers take place on a single platform is easy to track and monitor.

StartingPoint can be used by educational institutions of all sizes to streamline learning and ensure educators are consistently communicating with their students. Our platform enables educators to use workflow automation solutions to accelerate delivering student work and providing students with feedback on the work they have submitted.

Educators should be leveraging digital solutions that are built to boost operational efficiency. We all know that teachers often have to deal with the stress of having unmanageable workloads. In turn, this can affect the quality of teaching and learning. For teachers to thrive in a physical or remote classroom, they must have access to digital tools that support their performance.

Why do you need educational project management software?

Educational project management software is about much more than simply digitizing learning. With teachers attempting to manage evergrowing workloads, the need for digital solutions to support student learning has never been greater. With access to a project management platform like StartingPoint, teachers can manage their workloads with ease.

From receiving homework submissions and providing feedback to crafting assignments and tasks, StartingPoint can centralize key aspects of your workload. If navigating between multiple platforms is proving to be disorientating, your team can use StartingPoint to bring everything under one roof, including communicating with colleagues for lesson planning and other tasks.

Whether you need to organize student records or build an easily accessible curriculum database, StartingPoint comes with cloud storage capabilities, giving teachers the ability to upload and store files for their colleagues to access. At the same time, these cloud storage capabilities can also be used to enable students to upload assignments for grading.

To break things down further, here are a few reasons why schools and colleges could benefit from integrating our project management software into their operations:

  • You can easily create and keep lesson plans in order.
  • You can quickly access important data, such as student progress reports.
  • You can communicate directly with students on a safe and secure platform.
  • You can customize StartingPoint to meet your specific needs.
  • You can collaborate with other staff members across all departments.

We believe there is a place for StartingPoint in every school and college. Teachers and students could benefit immensely from our workflow automation features that can streamline the process of sending and receiving assignments. Our cloud storage features can also prove to be valuable to all parties that need to share documents with others inside the school or college.

How are schools using project management software?

Schools are actively using project management software in many of the ways we’ve mentioned above. There are clear use cases for project management software in schools and colleges. The pain points highlighting the need for such solutions couldn’t be more clear. Both teachers and students could benefit from using a platform like StartingPoint as a centralized hub.

If your colleagues are struggling to find ways to simplify cross-team communication, you should all be using StartingPoint. Our platform can help to solve disconnected workflow experiences and bring some clarity to your operations. It’s better to have everything under one roof than be in a situation where educators are having to navigate between multiple platforms to be productive.

Where can you find the best tools for teachers?

Rather than searching for several tools to improve your workflow and make your life easier, it’s better to find a platform that ticks multiple boxes. StartingPoint is a well-rounded solution that can become a go-to platform for teachers and students at your school. You can think of this as being a centralized hub for productivity that streamlines critical teaching and learning processes.

At StartingPoint, our team of developers has worked hard to develop a platform that can introduce automation into the operations of schools and colleges. We are committed to continuously improving our platform by working alongside educators to learn about and understand their unique needs. When it comes to automation, the sky’s the limit.

We want educators to get first-hand experience using our platform before making a decision on purchasing a plan. For this reason, we are offering schools and colleges the opportunity to take our platform for a spin as part of a free trial. This will give your team the time to unlock the tremendous benefits of workflow automation and project management software.

Are you ready to take StartingPoint for a test drive? Request a 14-day free trial today.