Top Project Management Software: Consultants Rejoice!

February 8, 2023

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What is the top project management software for consultants on the market? StartingPoint, of course! Sure, we’re a little biased but StartingPoint’s platform is well-equipped to meet the needs of both one-man band consultants and large firms. If you are looking to reorganize workflows and operate with scalability in mind, you need StartingPoint in your corner.

Before diving deeper into the potential benefits of StartingPoint for your consulting business, we want to take a step back and explore the core advantages of using project management tools for your consulting business. The right project management solution can have a transformative impact on your operations and offer the rocket fuel to take your business to new heights.

Consulting Project Management Software (5 Core Benefits)

As consulting projects are often complex and dynamic, they typically require a variety of different resources and plenty of coordination. With this in mind, consulting teams can benefit from having all the tools they need to manage these projects effectively under one roof. By centralizing everything, consultants can deliver results on time and within budget.

Here are just a few core benefits of using project management software for consulting projects:

1 - Increased Efficiency

With project management software, consultants can easily keep track of project tasks, deadlines, and progress. This makes it easier to stay organized and deliver projects on time. Whether you are an independent consultant or work as part of a firm, an effective project management software solution can tighten up your workflows and streamline operations.

2 - Improved Collaboration

The software allows for real-time collaboration between team members. You can keep everything on the same page without any hassle. A cloud-based project management solution will offer a centralized location for storing all project information and resources. This is ideal for keeping all parties involved up to date with the latest information to keep pushing things forward.

3 - Better Organization

If you find yourself navigating between multiple platforms to share important project information with different stakeholders, this can stifle progress and bring your operations to a grinding halt. With the support of a project management solution, you can centralize all project information and provide all parties with a single digital hub for collaboration and communication.

4 - Enhanced Visibility

Project management software provides real-time insights into project performance. This allows both consultants and clients to track progress along the way. If you want to find ways to keep clients in the loop and consistently communicate project progress, offering access to a client portal (through a project management solution) is a step in the right direction.

5 - Time & Cost Savings

When you automate manual processes successfully, you can accelerate service delivery and enable consultants to focus on high-value tasks. Many consultants often spend too much time focused on administrative tasks that add little value to the client experience. Sure, these are essential - but they do not require a consultant’s experience to complete.

Project Management Software For Consultants (4 Key Components)

1 - Task Management

Task management is crucial for ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. An effective project management platform will offer an easy-to-use interface for mapping out projects, assigning tasks, and setting deadlines.

2 - Team Collaboration

A robust project management platform for consultants should support team collaboration. The software must provide tools for real-time communication, such as chat and file sharing. This will make it easier for team members to work together and always have access to the latest data on any given project.

3 - Time Tracking

If you are billing clients by the hour, in-built time tracking features will inevitably be useful. When you do not have access to a centralized system, tracking time across multiple projects can often prove difficult. The best project management platforms on the market will offer time tracking tools that enable you to easily log time worked across multiple projects for different clients.

4 - Budget Management

When costs can quickly add up across different consulting projects, it’s important to have access to a budget management system that enables you to have oversight across all spending. Many project management solutions will come with budget management tools that allow you to track expenses, invoice clients, and make informed spending decisions.

Project Management Solution (Leveraging Workflow Automation)

The best project management solutions for consultants come with workflow automation tools. For instance, StartingPoint enables consultants to automate pivotal aspects of their workflows and streamline service delivery. With the right approach, you can eliminate bottlenecks from your workflows and radically accelerate the delivery of services to your clients.

Consulting Project Management Platform (Try StartingPoint)

As a comprehensive project management platform, StartingPoint is equipped with all the tools necessary to elevate consultant workflows and take client service delivery to the next level.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of StartingPoint? Whether you are a one-man band or work as part of a consulting team, StartingPoint can have a transformative impact on your business. ‍Simply sign up for free and start using our platform right away!