Software For Consultants: 5 Must-Have Tools

February 8, 2023

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Software for consultants can have a tremendous impact on service delivery. With access to the right technology stack, you can elevate service delivery and offer greater levels of service to clients. It’s true that a man is only as good as his tools. Whether you are working for a large consulting firm or operating a one-man band, there is a number of tools available.

In this guide, we will explore a range of useful tools to consider adding to your technology stack. The best tools and applications can neatly integrate with the rest of your workflows and enable you to push your operations forward. Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight in and consider which consulting applications you can leverage to drive operational change.

Tools For Business Consultants (5 Options)

1 - StartingPoint

StartingPoint is at the top of our list! This workflow management system is a game-changer for consultants that want to streamline client experiences and keep all information and resources under one roof. You can centralize your client data to ensure that all parties are on the same page at any given time. If you are working with a team of consultants, this centralization is ideal.

You can think of StartingPoint as a digital hub for client communication and team collaboration. If you are suffering from general disorganization and need digital solutions to bring clarity to your workflow processes, StartingPoint can play a critical role in making this possible. This platform can provide consultants with all the necessary features to elevate client experiences.

Using StartingPoint, you can begin to embrace workflow automation. The platform comes with a broad range of features that are designed to support productivity. If you are serious about taking your consultancy business to the next level, you need access to a solution like StartingPoint. This can play a pivotal role in accelerating operations and delivering better client experiences.

2 - Calendly

Calendly enables you to present a “live” calendar to your clients - which they can use to book time slots with you. As this calendar updates in real-time, you can confidently eliminate the risk of any double bookings. The last thing you want is a disjointed booking workflow that creates confusion across your client base. Calendly can bring order to your booking workflow.

Calendly is now an important part of any consultant’s technology stack, particularly if they are working remotely. When a client books a meeting with you, Calendly can automatically create a Zoom meeting link and send this to the client. The application can integrate with a range of tools in your technology stack and neatly fit into your existing workflows.

3 - Loom

Loom is another must-have tool for any consultant that’s working remotely. From creating video presentations to providing video tutorials, consultants can use this popular screen recording and video messaging solution to develop video content for their clients. At the click of a button, you can start recording your screen, voice, and webcam, and share this content with clients.

This application is also useful for internal communication. You can create staff training videos, onboarding content, or even client strategy videos for sharing internally with other consultants at your firm. If you cannot have everyone together in one physical location, sharing video content with team members is an effective way to quickly get everyone on the same page.

4 - Canva

If you often find yourself obsessing over the details of your client proposals and never having the templates you need to kickstart the creative process, Canva can come to the rescue. This cloud-based design platform comes with a wide variety of design templates for consultants to choose from. This is ideal for those who want to radically accelerate the design process.

Canva is useful for creating client proposals and visual documents. Whether you want to illustrate concepts to internal or external stakeholders, Canva can equip you with the necessary tools and features to hit the ground running. If you are struggling to rapidly produce client proposals, you can leverage Canva’s templates to keep conversations moving forward.

5 - Lemlist

Consultants can use an email automation tool like Lemlist to set their outreach efforts on autopilot. This is essential for consultants that are short on time and want to keep growing their business while focusing on service delivery. Using Lemlist, you can segment your contact lists and build campaigns that leverage split testing to engage specific customer personas.

Why should you utilize StartingPoint?

StartingPoint is an all-encompassing workflow management solution that serves as an effective tool for communication and collaboration. A consulting business can use StartingPoint to help centralize all client data and offer consistent experiences. From client onboarding to service delivery, you can bring everything under one roof with a platform like StartingPoint.

When it comes to scaling your consulting firm or simply extending your client base a little, StartingPoint can play an important role in helping you embrace workflow automation. With the right infrastructure in place, you can confidently onboard as many new clients as you choose without negatively impacting the service quality. Fundamentally, StartingPoint offers scalability.

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