How To Improve Project Transparency

April 25, 2022

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Do you know how to improve project transparency?

If you are trying to unlock higher levels of team productivity, you need to consider project transparency. When it comes to pushing projects forward and making progress, all key stakeholders must have access to the information they need to effectively complete tasks. Sometimes, it’s impossible to predict what information stakeholders will need to access.

For instance, if team members uncover an issue and need project-related information for guidance, good project transparency will ensure they have this information at their fingertips. The last thing you want is for these team members to start contacting other stakeholders in search of the relevant information needed to successfully complete their tasks.

What is the solution? It’s simple: a centralized digital location to store information relevant to a project. With everything in one place, stakeholders can quickly access information without slowing down their workflows or disrupting others. StartingPoint is the perfect example of a project management platform designed to promote project transparency. More on this later.

project transparency

How To Improve Project Transparency

To improve project transparency, you must explore tools and systems designed to remove bottlenecks from your workflows and accelerate project progress. Fortunately, with the rise of cloud computing and workflow automation, there is no shortage of effective project management solutions on the market for ambitious teams to choose from, regardless of their size or scale.

StartingPoint has become a go-to project management platform for highly-motivated teams with the desire to elevate their productivity. From team communication and file sharing to workflow automation and helpdesk support, StartingPoint can centralize a broad range of operational components and bring everything under one roof. This adds simplicity to your operations.

Convoluted workflows are far from efficient. They create confusion among stakeholders and leave everyone not knowing where to turn for answers. With StartingPoint, you can streamline workflows using our automation tools and build out a helpdesk that is designed to answer common questions about the project. You can make this accessible to all stakeholders.

What is a highly transparent project?

A highly transparent project ensures all stakeholders have a core understanding of everyone’s role in the completion of a project, including their own roles and responsibilities. When each and every person is on the same page, this can support a unified approach to progress. There is nothing better than seeing everyone firing on all cylinders and moving in the same direction.

A project management solution like StartingPoint can make this possible. StartingPoint offers a centralized digital hub for all stakeholders to congregate and interact. You can store cloud files on the system and seamlessly share these with the relevant stakeholders. With everything your team needs to succeed in one place, you can steer projects in the right direction.

What contributes to a lack of project transparency?

The absence of project management systems

Fundamentally, a project management platform or system is designed to bring clarity to workflows and offer a centralized location for productivity. For instance, if you are struggling to complete a task and need more project-related resources to support its completion, you can visit your project management platform to gain clarity and keep pushing forward.

StartingPoint plays a critical role in supporting productivity by offering a centralized location for all project resources. When team leaders can quickly refer others to a single platform for all important project information and resources, this makes everything easier. Nothing is more frustrating than having to navigate through multiple platforms (and people) for information.

The absence of a centralized file storage system

A centralized file storage system gives everyone access to the documents they need to complete tasks and keep the project moving forward. Using StartingPoint, you can easily compartmentalize files to keep things organized. You can choose which stakeholders can explore different files - giving everyone access to pivotal information at their fingertips.

The absence of a robust team communication tool

A robust team communication tool can bring all back-and-forth conversations under one roof. When everyone is talking to each other on a single platform, it makes it easier to keep track of conversations and see exactly where you left things with people. StartingPoint is ideal for team management because it comes with an in-built team communication system.

Alongside internal communication, StartingPoint also supports external communication with clients and customers. For instance, you can add clients as users to the portal in just a few clicks. With internal and external communication all happening under one roof, this can help to streamline key processes and improve everyone’s ability to keep stakeholders in the loop.

You can develop customized FAQs for internal and external users of the platform. Rather than encouraging stakeholders to directly approach project managers with a range of questions, you can simply refer them to the cloud-based platform. This is ideal for managers and leaders that need to stay highly focused on specific tasks and do not want to get distracted in any way.

Improving Project Management (Best Tool For 2022)

When it comes to improving project management, you need the support of effective tools and systems. Upon integrating these solutions into your existing workflows, you can begin to streamline key processes and elevate team productivity. With the increasing adoption of workflow automation solutions, now is the time to start exploring their potential benefits.

As an all-in-one workflow management platform, StartingPoint is well-equipped to provide your organization with everything it needs to fully embrace workflow automation. In just a few clicks, you can create efficient workflows on the platform and begin to centralize your operations. It’s a seamless process designed to ensure you can hit the ground running with the platform.

The best bit? You can take StartingPoint for a test drive free of charge. No matter the size of your business, our scalable solution to project management can confidently meet your needs. We recognize the importance of having access to a reliable and robust project management solution. For this reason, we offer a standard version of our solution free of charge.

Are you ready to get the ball rolling? Take StartingPoint for a spin today.