Client Project Management (5 Best Practices)

March 21, 2022

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Client project management can present a range of challenges. Establishing solid working relationships with your clients is critical to retention. These are the foundation of any successful service business. If you’re unable to inspire retention and suffer from high churn, this can throw the sustainability of your service business into question. So, what’s the secret to success?

Client Project Management (What’s The Secret To Success?)

Taking client project management to the next level is all about combining a range of best practices. While there isn’t a magic formula for success, adopting the right management strategies will enable you to build positive client relationships that inspire retention. Without wasting any time, let’s dive into some common client project management best practices.

client project management

Client Facing Project Management (5 Best Practices)

Set Clear Expectations From The Outset

When you set clear expectations with clients from the outset, you prevent misunderstandings further down the line and mitigate the risk of scope creep. If you are growing concerned about client demands and expectations, the best thing you can do is make sure you are on the same page from the very beginning. This can help to increase the longevity of the relationship.

Establish Preferred Communication Channels

Every client likes to communicate in a slightly different way, often using different communication channels. Rather than allowing your team to get invited to dozens of Slack channels, it’s better to centralize your workflows under a single platform, like StartingPoint. You can onboard clients onto a single project management platform that keeps everyone under one roof.

Keep Your Workflow Processes Efficient

To keep your workflow processes efficient, you need to leverage the features of a workflow project management platform like StartingPoint. Our solution allows service businesses of all sizes to embrace workflow automation and streamline project management. StartingPoint can bring clarity to your workflows and keep everyone on the same page.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to navigate through a range of different platforms and applications to complete basic client project management tasks. StartingPoint removes the inefficiencies from your workflows and radically simplifies your operations. If existing workflows are holding your team back, StartingPoint can unlock the potential of your service business.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

When you are trying to meet client expectations, you should aim to work smarter, not harder. Many service businesses are currently overlooking the potential of workflow automation and how it can transform their project management processes. By embracing workflow automation, you can streamline admin tasks and pour your attention into high-value client-facing tasks.

As more service businesses begin to explore and unlock the possibilities of automation, those who fail to utilize workflow automation solutions run the risk of getting left behind. Workflows are accelerating faster than ever before, allowing teams to focus their attention on high-value tasks. Service teams are leveraging workflow automation to work smarter and boost productivity.

Schedule Client Project Management Tasks

You can begin scheduling client tasks using a solution like StartingPoint. When you have a clear scheduling system, this will enable you to bring order to your operations and find clarity. There is nothing more disorientating than having to move between different systems to track tasks. With StartingPoint, you can stay productive and work through client tasks in a centralized location.

We understand the importance of having everything in one place. This is why StartingPoint is a workflow management platform that comes with a wide range of different functionalities. From team onboarding and client communication to project management and client helpdesks, this platform combines the key aspects of any service business and puts everything in one place.

This means you can radically scale down your technology stack and reduce the number of platforms and applications your team uses daily. The larger the technology stack, the harder it is to navigate. If you want to save time and promote a sense of focus across your team, you need to embrace a centralized workflow project management platform, like StartingPoint.

Project Management With Client Portal (Why Is It Necessary?)

A client portal can play a critical role in elevating client experiences and boosting satisfaction. When a client needs an update on a project or wants to find out a key piece of information, having everything in a single digital location can keep everyone on the same page. When clients need clarity, they will know exactly where to look - creating a sense of reassurance.

If you are going to fully embrace the possibilities of a client portal system, it makes sense to select a solution that comes with a wide range of functionalities. Many service businesses gravitate towards StartingPoint because it acts as an end-to-end workflow management solution. They are able to simplify and streamline all aspects of their operations.

Client Project Management Software (Must-Have Solution)

StartingPoint has become a must-have solution for ambitious service businesses. No matter the size or scale of your operations, StartingPoint has the features you need to successfully scale your workflow processes. If you want to grow your service business, StartingPoint can become the foundation upon which you build your operations and scale your workflows.

Client project management software is a game-changer for service businesses struggling with ever-growing workloads. When it comes to scaling your operations and onboarding more clients, StartingPoint is the missing piece of the puzzle. If you are ready to unlock growth and transform your workflows with automation, you need to take StartingPoint for a test drive.

The workflow management platform also comes with cloud storage facilities, allowing you to share important documents and files with clients. The clients can also securely upload and retain documents and files on the platform. This is just another way in which StartingPoint successfully brings everything under one roof for maximum efficiency.

Create a free account and explore all the features that StartingPoint has to offer. The best bit? StartingPoint is free for SMEs. Get the ball rolling for free today.