6 Tech Tools to Streamline Your Remote Workflow

August 17, 2021

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Business Workflow

Thrust into the unfamiliarity of remote work, a huge number of industries around the globe have had to adapt to life away from the office. COVID-19 has prompted a surge in remote work like we have never seen before, with much of the American workforce being left with no choice but to work from home.

In fact, the pandemic has ensured that tech priorities shifted for 95% of companies. Many tech bosses were rushed off their feet earlier in the year as they were needed to coordinate work-from-home solutions for employees. Snap decisions had to be made when it came to the likes of the best messaging platforms and video conferencing apps for the company to use.

Now, as the dust begins to settle on the wild panic of those spring months, companies can take stock of how their workforce has been making use of remote tech tools. Of course, the ultimate goal of these remote working tools is to replicate the office setting as much as possible, making work run smoothly.

In the office, employees can:

  • Communicate on projects with ease. All it takes is approaching someone and having a quick chat.

  • Let their hair down where appropriate. In many workplaces, it is important that colleagues are able to socialise and have non-work-related chats to keep morale up.

  • Share knowledge and ask questions if unsure about the workflow.

All of the above become somewhat harder to achieve when working remotely as a team. Members might feel like they are bothering colleagues by sending messages, therefore missing out on crucial knowledge.

This is why it is crucial to pick remote tech tools that can recreate the vibe of an office as much as possible.

The best tech tools to energise your team

A large-scale study into the impact of remote work during COVID-19 was conducted by Wandera.

Simple Workflow Diagram

It revealed, amongst many other statistics, that over 50% of employees believe that their employers need to invest in better quality remote technology. In fact, employees in the US took it so far as to spend an average of $348 out of their own pockets to improve their work-from-home technology.

A sizable 43% of IT departments reported a surge in support requests from employees during the remote work period. The top three issues faced by employees working from home were VPN problems, Wi-Fi reliability and video conferencing apps.

Let’s take a dive into some of the best solutions for teams looking to improve their remote tech tools.

StartingPoint (Service and Project management)

Companies are challenged with multiple issues in this new world of remote work while supporting customers and on-boarding them correctly. StartingPoint helps companies solve the challenge of maintaining customer satisfaction through simple service management, easy project management, and remote team performance management all in one easy interface.

Companies are able to take advantage of file storage of customer files, helpdesk management, project management, and 360-degree visibility into employee and team performance. It is an essential tool for the growing company and team.

Zoom (Video conferencing)

One of the mainstays during the COVID-19 lockdowns so far, Zoom has rocketed to the top of the video conferencing rankings. In the period between March and April 2020, it saw daily users rise from 200 million to 300 million.

Offering HD video and top quality audio, it is simply ahead of its competitors in the space. Remote teams can take advantage of recordings, screen sharing abilities and a live chat function.

Google Drive (File storage and management)

An intuitive cloud-based solution for storing documents, sheets and other important documents. Anyone from employees to managers and HR departments needs to create and share documents. Google Drive makes it easy.

All shared documents are stored in one secure place and can be accessed by other team members with a URL. There is no need to send hefty documents across one-by-one, which makes Google Drive essential for teams needing quick and reliable document sharing.

Timezone.io (Team management)

With a team spread across the world, managing members in different timezones will always be one of the biggest challenges faced. Timezone.io makes it easy to schedule meetings with colleagues in other timezones.

With this software, you are always aware of what the time is for different team members. This helps you to avoid messaging someone at an unsociable hour, or otherwise inviting them to a meeting at an unsuitable time.

Faxage (Efficient online faxing)

Many sectors still require documents to be faxed to recipients. The medical and legal industries still make heavy use of faxing, while some teams require that documents are sent this way for its reliability.

Your remote team can use Faxage to send and receive faxes anywhere, with just an internet connection. It makes faxing as easy as sending an email, which can be a big plus for a remote team that is suddenly away from the fax machine.

PureVPN (Reliable work-from-home VPN connection)

As discussed, VPN setup was one of the biggest issues for remote workers. PureVPN offers an easy method for your team to securely access the servers they need to complete their work.

As well as increased security and strong data encryption, using PureVPN allows your team to access servers in whichever country they need to.


Ensuring smooth communication is crucial to designing a remote workflow that is understood and followed by all members of a team.

Ultimately, it is down to you to pick whichever tech tools are best suited to your team, but bear in mind that all departments of your company should be subscribed to the same tools.

Contact StartingPoint to solve your company and team challenges in service management, project management, and team performance by visiting StartingPoint.