4 Ways to Select the Right Customer Experience Software for your Agency

January 29, 2021

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Customer experience separates all. Agencies offering B2B services to a diverse clientele often have complex requirements such as multiple integrations, reporting specifications, pre-defined security measures, and more. Due to these constraints, selecting the right customer experience software becomes challenging for them. If you have been experiencing this hurdle, then you are in the right place.

We know how challenging this entire selection process can be for you and shall therefore assist you in identifying the most appropriate one. So, regardless of whether you run a marketing, public relations, design, accounting, insurance, or any other type of agency, read on. We bring you four surefire ways to pick the right customer software based on a sincere evaluation of your business goals.

customer experience
Customer Experience

1.      Level of Customer Service the Agency wants to Provide

Before choosing a customer experience software, you need to determine the level of service you wish to deliver to the client. Broadly speaking, there are four levels of customer service that an agency can choose to deliver.

·       Level 1 - Deliver precisely what your customers expect.

·       Level 2 - Surpass their expectations.

·       Level 3 - Charm your customers.

·       Level 4 - Amaze your customers.

o   In Level-1, you simply do what the customer wants you to — nothing more, and nothing less.

o   In Level-2, the Agency goes that extra mile to exceed customer expectations.

o   The Level-3 involves putting in that extra effort and delighting customers to keep them coming back.

o   The Level-4 is all about delivering astonishing results that your customers never expected from your agency.

You must meet the expectations of all your clients but stopping there doesn’t work. The level of service you offer to a one-off client and to your patrons cannot be the same. In other words, the level of service an agency provides to its customer must be in accordance with its business goals.

2.      Ease of Providing Service to the Client

Most agencies provide clients with two or more services, which may require deploying multiple customer experience applications for project or service visibility. Doing this may open the floodgates, chasing away some of your best customers who lack the patience and expertise to log into multiple dashboards. You must therefore avoid multiplicity and look for a one-stop solution that allows your customers to track projects, manage them, provide feedback, etc…

Sadly though, there are very few tools that offer such flexibility. Most tools focus on a specific set of operations — for example, marketing tools are specifically designed for that purpose. So, if your Marketing agency offers another service like project management to the same client, you need yet another customer experience software.

Now, you could pick two, three, or fifty tools like most businesses with a small workforce do. Else, you could try out StartingPoint, one of the few AI-based SaaS solutions that enable agencies to manage customers, services, plan workflows, track performances, and collect task-specific feedback from their customers. It is currently used by many accounting, insurance, and other agencies offering an assortment of complex services.

customer experience strategy

3.      Understand what your Competitors are Doing Right!

Agencies or businesses need not invest their time and resources to come up with novel ideas. At times, a mere evaluation of what their successful peers are doing right can provide valuable insights. The very fact that they are ahead of you proves that you are missing out on some of the key drivers. Identifying those is essential for your success.

We know that most small and mid-sized agencies may not be able to do this on their own, and honestly, they don’t have to. If your agency lacks the time and resources to study competitors, all you need is a reliable business consulting firm. These professionals have the expertise and resources to study your competitors and analyze your requirements.

4.      Identify the Best Ways to Compete

A few changes here and there can go a long way — this holds true in the case of small and mid-sized agencies with limited resources. Despite their shortcomings, such agencies can give a tough fight to even the most established competitors through efficient management of resources and a simplified customer experience.

Efficient Management of Resources

The best way to manage your resources is by deploying the right customer experience software, which is powered by cutting-edge AI technologies. So, you must look for a customer experience software that lets you unleash the power of automation through a single platform.

Simplified Customer Service

Your peers are probably using a whole slew of SaaS solutions to meet customer demands, which is undoubtedly inconvenient for both parties involved. It is time-consuming, complicated, and difficult to keep track of. With the right customer experience software, you can greatly minimize the number of tools and deliver the same services.

Other Useful Tips:

·       Find new markets.

·       Rebrand your agency’s image.

·       Expand your offerings.

·       Intensify your marketing efforts.

·       Nurture your relationship with existing customers.

Final Takeaway

To sum it up, agencies must focus on identifying the best ways to improve operational efficiency through continuous process improvement. Doing this helps identify discrepancies that could be resulting in an inferior customer experience. Accordingly, the agency must choose a customer software that overcomes those hurdles and exceeds customer expectations.