3 Essential Project Management Tools to Boost Your Productivity

June 28, 2021

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The pandemic has obviously changed the way we work. Most of us are still working from home until today. Thanks to the internet and technology, though, we can get our individual work and team projects are done seamlessly – no matter how far the distance between us and our coworkers. That might seem impossible without the help of project management tools.

Today, project management tools are popular more than ever. It helps you and your team stay on the same page so nothing slips through the cracks, maintains the flawless workflow, and most importantly, maintains and boosts your productivity.

Some employees are struggling to adapt to remote work, especially in the areas of productivity and internal communication. In this case, project management tools are such powerful solutions for that matter.

project management workflow
Project Management Workflow

How Project Management Tools Increase Productivity

Project management tools make your remote work easy. A reliable one will spoil you with features that help you and your team with real-time collaboration and easy data sharing. This definitely saves your time and energy, which can lead to increased productivity.

A high-performing project management tools also have advanced features that allow their users to create an effective, self-paced workflow. Therefore, it helps you to focus on high-priority tasks. You can avoid spending hours just doing less important tasks and being oblivious to the scheme of things.

Project management tools notify members of which tasks with looming deadlines take priority attention. Not to mention it also informs the whole progress of tasks, making it easier for you and your team to create keen awareness of the big picture.

By all means, all project information, including plans, roles, goals, and guidelines are centralized in one place that you and your team can access securely whenever needed. Whether it’s a big social media video campaign, an explainer video production, or a simple meeting agenda with a client, a robust project management tool will help you manage any project.

Project management components
Project Management Components

3 Top Project Management Tools to Get You More Productive

There are tons of project management tools available out there. Choosing the right one for you might seem like backbreaking work. This is why we’ve listed and broken down the top three project management tools in the market. Here you go:

1) StartingPoint

StartingPoint is well-known as a SaaS workflow management and customer operations platform. But, this robust tool also offers you an expansive, reliable project management solution. It is designed to help service-based teams to create projects or plans, track progress, store and secure data or information, even workflow automation – to create an efficient workflow within your company to ensure your customer needs are met.

One of the advanced features that set StartingPoint apart from other project management tools is its project templates. They provide you with project templates that can be configured for service projects to make the tasks repeatable and ensure you and your team members that no steps are missed.

With those advanced and robust features, it is safe to say that StartingPoint is so much more than a project management tool. You can also use this tool to replace any helpdesk, file storage, and even team management. So, if you are looking for an advanced project management tool for your service-based team, StartingPoint is a perfect choice.

2) Asana

Asana is the next project management tool you should consider using to help your teams work faster, get productive, and hit the biggest goals yet. From customizable dashboards to task priority to subtasks assignments, this tool offers you almost all the basic features you need in a project management tool.

Some key features of this tool include reporting, creating to-do lists, calendars, custom fields, deadlines set, file sharing, and more. With those features, it would be much easier for you to make the most of your workday.

The tool is popular for its colorful, visual-driven interface. It's easy to use as well as encourages productivity and collaboration. The integration with other powerful software such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Calendar, Gmail, JotForm, and more make this tool even more interesting and worth using.

3) Trello

Trello is the project management software that allows you to create a virtual workplace for your teams of all types. From online meetings to fun team-building activities, this tool can make remote work much more enjoyable and less stressful.

Trello keeps its interface simple and neat. This user-friendly interface makes it easy even for complete beginners to adapt and use the features seamlessly. You can use kanban boards while using this tool to customize your workflow and track every task or project you have so you will never miss a deadline.

Wrapping Up

Whether you work remotely or in-office, maintaining and increasing productivity sometimes can be challenging. This is where project management tools come in handy. A robust project management tool can empower employees to deliver their best work at all stages of the project, from planning to execution. From those three top project management tools mentioned above, you can choose one that meets your needs and preferences.

Are you ready to utilize the right project management tools for your company? You should consider using StartingPoint to enhance project delivery, implementation, and customer experiences. Request a 14-day free trial today.


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