Use a secure company portal to centralize your customer engagement

Utilize a white-labeled secure company portal to manage all customer and service management.

StartingPoint client portal interface
  • Do your customers and clients contact your company through various ways?
  • StartingPoint’s Workflow Automation allows you to implement groups and rules to assign requests to the correct team members. Create efficient workflow rules to get the requests to the right people within your company.

modernize your technology
for customer experience

StartingPoint is the customer success and service management
SaaS platform built for service-based companies and teams.


Have the ability to maintain your logo, brand, and simplify engagement with a single portal for all customers

File storage

Securely allow customers to upload, retain, and file documents to be shared between your customer and your team


Add team members to the platform to be focused on providing amazing support

Workflow Automation

Create efficient workflow within your company to ensure your customer needs are met

Custom FAQs

Develop FAQs that can be retrievable by your customers to provide self-service